FIA Motorsport Games - Drifting CUP 2019

The inaugural fia motorsport games 2019 in Rome, Italy, was challenging for all 6 racing disciplines because of worst weather conditions, aspecialy for drifting. Wet, dry, rainfall and thunderstorm were changing every 15 miutes. qualifying sesion went in a hard rain. All drivers were strageling to pass thru drifting course and get points for top 16. It seemed to be almost inpossible, but drivers did their job and judges made there decission.
Here is a link for qualifying
Next day top 16 driveres started training sesion in dry conditions, preparing themselfs for final. Unfortunately two of them Mevlud Meladze and Brandy Brandner got some failures of their cars while training and were unable to proceed race head to head.
The race for top 16 went in rainfall again. It was hard to predict a result. At the end of day, the winner of drifting cup 2019 became Dmitriy Illyuk from Ukraine, secong place took Michal Reichert from Chekh Republic and third Ilya Fedorov from russia.
Here is a link of Top 16 race